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I was very pleased with my treatment at 2 Thumbs Up Hand Therapy after my recent surgery. All members of the staff took a personnel interest in me and my therapy. They were all extremely professional and courteous throughout my treatment. All questions that I had were addressed promptly and thoroughly. My experience was very positive. I highly recommend 2 Thumbs Up Hand Therapy to all who have a need for an excellent hand therapy program. Interestingly I found the exchange with other patients to be encouraging and beneficial.

Post Surgery Dupuytrens

I was impressed with the cleanliness of 2 Thumbs Up Hand Therapies clinic. The staff was all friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend 2 Thumbs Up to anyone in need of hand therapy.

Stiffness of hand and wrist

Many may think of any type of physical or occupational l therapy as a daunting chore. Not at 2 Thumbs Up! Here I felt I was in the very best of care. The decades of experience that the therapists have here is evident n not only their delivery, but in the results! The staff always makes it a point to introduce patients to each other as it is an open environment in the clinic. This always makes for a pleasant experience as we all “rehab” together. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your genuine care. I will miss you all!

Joint disorder of the hand

If I ever need occupational therapy again, I would go here! The whole crew is so friendly. Not only do they do their job, they genuinely care. Thumbs up to Terri and her gang!

Carpal Tunnel

I found 2 Thumbs Up to be very unusual for the times we are in. Everyone is very friendly, kind and caring. Terri is professional, knowledgeable and caring. She takes a sincere interest in her patients. If I should ever require therapy again, 2 Thumbs Up would bet the only practice that I would consider.

Wrist flexor extensor tendonitis

The staff at 2Thumbs Up was friendly and warm the moment you walk through the door. Terri and her staff are extremely helpful in every aspect in helping you get physically fit so you can get back to yourself.

Tenosynovitis of hand and wrist

Thanks to everyone at 2 Thumbs Up hand therapy!! Not only was the advice and care completely professional but also I felt like you really cared about my progress.


My daughter recommended 2 Thumbs Up to me and I was so happy to be there. The treatments were fabulous and I would never have healed so well by myself.

Carpal tunnel & trigger finger surgery

The group at 2 Thumbs Up was great in the care and therapy provided. The results were far better than I would ever have thought. Terri was also aware enough to recognize changes in my hands that warranted MRIs. I would highly recommend any of my friends to go if needed.

Hand and arm weakness

My experience at 2 Thumbs Up was excellent. The therapists are very passionate at what they do. The atmosphere at the clinic is very friendly and comfortable which made me look forward to all my visits. Even the receptionists were so helpful and kind. I’m so thankful to Terri & Nicole for their knowledge, understanding & kindness. Because of them I am pain free from a hand injury. I definitely recommend 2 Thumbs Up Hand Therapy.


Thank you Terri for helping me recover again from hand surgery. Your calming presence helped me realize the goals you had implemented. For the 2nd time I am on my way to complete function and my hand surgeon is grateful for your intervention, Thank You!

Dupuytrens contracture: surgery

Thank you so much for your positive attitude & caring. I was impressed how you work together setting up what’s needed from beginning to the end.


My time with the staff was enjoyable and extremely successful! I am impressed with all this business has to offer. I would recommend them to anyone in need of hand/wrist services!

Wrist surgery

I appreciated the care and concern by the therapists and support staff. Explanation concerning my specific problems was clear and led to determining the next step in my recovery.


I was very pleased at 2 Thumbs Up and treatment I received. Terri runs a top notched clinic; all therapists were polite, professional, and knowledgeable. The receptionist was polite and very thorough in scheduling appointments. I would not hesitate to recommend 2 Thumbs Up for therapy.


I graduated from therapy with the full use of the thumbs joint replacement. The early stages were difficult for me. However the constant reassurance of the therapists and instructions for home care, I gained confidence that aal would be well. I had a definite positive experience and would highly recommend 2 Thumbs Up.

CMC joint replacement

I regained the use and flexibility of my hand and fingers. The exercises, splints (especially made for my hand) instructions and hands on help were valuable. Thank you for your help, knowledge and compassion. I would recommend you to everyone and anyone who could use your help and expertise.

Severe Trigger finger contracture

So glad I found you!

3rd degree burns to arm & hand

Terri and staff are amazing! When I came in I wasn’t sure what to expect of how much movement I would regain, but through their help, I have 90% of my movement. The last 10% is due to remaining scar tissue. This is the first place I’d go if I need anything related to the arm and hand.

Post surgical Flexor tendon rupture of the thumb

Very grateful to everyone for the therapy and instruction I received which gave me back my hand function. Relaxed atmosphere and everyone friendly as they go about the business of therapy and rehab with great results. Would definitely recommend without hesitation and would return if I needed hand therapy in the future.

shoulder surgery with arm & hand swelling

During my treatment at 2 Thumbs Up I felt I was well cared for, a great plan for recovery was followed and I was encouraged for any progress I made. Thanks for taking great care of me!

E. F.
sprained carpal joint

From appointments, to evaluations, to treatment everything was top notch! You all helped me tremendously. I will always be grateful to you for fixing me.

S. C.
post surgical joint replacement CMC Thumb

I found staff to be very helpful and professional I highly recommend 2 Thumbs Up.

post surgical traumatic finger injury

Care was exceptional!

J. R.
Cervical spinal fusion with arm and hand weakness

The clinic environment is positive and professional. Terri is a great O.T. with wonderful skills and very sensitive to patients needs. I would recommend this clinic highly!

C. D.
post surgical Carpal tunnel release

With stiffened fingers from my cast, I entered O.T. with worry. Combining exercises, hands on stretching and moving, and ultrasound, progress was steady. Considering my arthritis and age, I feel my wrist and hand have come a very far.-thanks to staff at 2 Thumbs Up.

post surgical wrist fracture

I was very satisfied with my care at 2 Thumbs Up. I was given a comprehensive eval to determine the extent of my required therapy. The treatment plan was explained in detail and executed thoroughly. The staff have created a friendly and inclusive environment for their patients. I would most certainly recommend 2 Thumbs Up to others.

A. M.
post surgical tenosynovitis

They are a great team. They make you feel welcome and provide excellent service. Terri is a wealth of knowledge and goes the extra mile to help you improve and restore function.

C. B.
post surgical carpal tunnel release

The staff at 2 Thumbs up is the best! They are knowledgeable, professional, encouraging and upbeat. The facility is immaculate and the atmosphere of the clinic is cheerful and friendly. Thanks to Terri and her staff I have fully recovered use of my wrist after surgery to repair a wrist fracture. Anyone in need of hand/wrist therapy should not hesitate to call 2 Thumbs up.

Post Surgical Distal Radius Wrist Fracture

Terri is as good as it gets. She is #1 in Boston. A true expert of the game. I highly recommend her!

DeQuervains Tendonitis of the Thumbs

Felt good walking into therapy and my hand felt good walking out! Great care, clean, efficient, with support staff in the background covering all the bases.

Arthritis and Scar Adhesions of the Hand

I was well cared for. My treatment was very good. From the first phone call, Terri was easy to talk with, efficient and very nice.

Post Surgical Distal Radius Wrist Fracture

2 Thumbs up is great!. No other way to describe it, Terri saved my finger. They helped me get my finger back into normal working order, at a time when the outlook was not great. I will be back next time I have a finger/hand issue. thank you!

Dislocated Finger with Tendon Rupture

My recovery was good, but I had limited range of motion especially bending my wrist forward & backward. The Occupational Therapy exercises and especially the breakdown of the scar tissue to the hand & wrist quickly revived my range of motion exceeding the range prior to surgery.

Post Surgical Wrist Arthritis and Synovitis

The care given was knowledgeable caring and thoughtful.

Injury to Joints in the Hand

What more can I say? With all my thanks, for all you’ve done for me.

Post Surgical Metacarpal Fracture & Finger Sprains

At the most painful time of my rehab, I came here. Everyone treated me as if I was the most important person there. They helped me to get back to being me. Every question answered, all of my ailments attended to, and most of all, it was done with kindness and care! Thank You!

Complex Elbow Fracture, With Radial Head Replacement

I was referred to Terri by a friend who is a hand surgeon. The Norwell clinic is convenient, beautiful, and clean. This is a truly professional and well run place. Terri is very experienced, knowledgeable, and kind. I am possibly having surgery if my upcoming injections do not help. I will definitely do any follow up treatment with 2 Thumbs Up. “You Rock”.

Basal Joint Arthritis of the Thumbs